a short film by Josh Shelton


Josh Shelton wrote, directed and starred in the short film GLITCH which is currently being submitted to film festivals and online platforms in 2022. 

SYNOPSIS: An unemployed father-to-be joins a zoom meeting for yet another job interview but instead finds himself in A ZOOM WITH HIMSELF where he is forced to confront his own conflicting opinions on what it means to be your best self vs. present your best self.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: For so many people, the ongoing pandemic goes hand in hand with a never ending job search. In the weeks prior to writing GLITCH, I found myself on multiple “catch-up” zoom calls with friends and family who were still in need of work to provide for their family. I too have been in that position. However, I was very lucky to work consistently throughout the pandemic, directing remotely, often filming with people in their homes, such as the Participant Media series I directed, "Show Your Shelf," where authors shared their book shelves (guests include Rachel Bloom, Samantha Irby, Lois Lowry and more). These experiences all merged into the idea for GLITCH: a zoom meeting with yourself when you're in need of a job. And as a director who has spent almost 2 years directing people through zoom on how to set up cameras to film themselves, I saw an opportunity to make a heartfelt, funny, philosophical and timely film that will perhaps inspire the self-reflection needed to help us all get out of a rut, and hopefully encourage everyone to keep going.

If you would like to watch GLITCH, please contact us for a password protected link.